About Go Fetch

My love for dogs started with our family dog, Sparky. He was a quiet little Shih-Tzu who loved to bathe in the sunshine, run through the leaves, and snuggle at the end of the bed. Sparky lived to be 17 years old. 

After Sparky, came Coleman, my English Springer Spaniel. Coleman was born in Alaska. He lived there with my husband and me for 6 years. Coleman encouraged me to go on many adventures and spend more time in nature. We would go on hikes in the woods, climb mountains, and play in the snow. He even came with me to see the Northern Lights more than once! Thanks to Coleman, I explored my fair share of Alaska.

Then came Maeby, my English Cocker Spaniel. I call her sweet pea and Maeby Baby. We enjoy walks around the neighborhood, learning new tricks, and exploring new places together. Our all time favorite thing to do together is snuggle. She loves being with her people and getting love through pets and kisses.

Along with my love of dogs is my love for photography. On all of those outings with Coleman and Maeby, I would always bring my other love: my camera. I love to create and capture the beauty of the world around us. This beauty includes the moments we share and the memories that we create with one another. There is nothing quite like the feeling one gets when coming across a picture of an old memory. That warm, happy feeling is priceless. Those memories are special to us, and stay with us long after the moment has passed. The memories with our pets are often even more precious, as they are created from a bond like no other.  

Photographing dogs who are truly loved and cherished by their families makes my heart jump with joy. Our canine companions are so often our best and most loyal friends. Capturing your dog’s unique personality through creative photography is extremely fulfilling. I am so grateful to be able to do what I love!